Applications for Dar al-Mustafa 2015 / 1436

Applications are now open for anyone wishing to study in Dar al-Mustafa this year. If you are a single male student planning to enrol in Dar al-Mustafa or are coming with your family, then please make your application by clicking here.

This includes those who wish to enrol in the Dar’s Arabic Program.

For single female students, applications for Dar al-Zahra are set to open on 1st April 2015 inshā` Allāh. Please write to to request an application form.

The closing date for applications is 16 May 2015.

A decision will be made regarding your application by 20 May 2015.

We ask Allah to bless all those wishing to apply with tawfīq.

Janazah for Singaporean Mother in Tarim

May Allah have mercy upon Umm Nabīlah (Sanesa) who entered the world of the barzakh this morning. She was living with her family in Tarim, being originally from Singapore. The funeral procession began from Dar al-Musṭafā after ‘Aṣr prayer today, led by Habib Umar bin Ḥafīẓ. Many students, teachers and local residents joined the procession to the jabbāna where Habib Ali Mashhūr bin Hafīẓ led the funeral prayer. She was then buried in the city cemetery, zambal. She leaves behind her husband and young children.

May Allah raise her rank and admit her to Paradise without reckoning, Āmīn… al-Fātiḥa! 


Thank you for your feedback regarding ways we can improve this site with regard to the type of information you would like to see made available – particularly more information on Dar al-Zahra and study opportunities for women in Tarim. Keep the comments coming in, and we pray to Allah during these blessed days and nights of Dhul Hijjah that he make our hearts directed to Him, whether we be in His sanctuary in Makkah, elsewhere in His vast land.

Habib Umar and Habib Salim al-Shatiri gave a wonderful piece of advice to the pilgrims this evening during a gathering in Jeddah. They talked about the way to return to Allah – leaving the ways of those whom Allah’s gaze is diverted from – and adopting the ways of those whom His gaze is directed toward.


Tarim is a city renowned for its rich history, people and traditions of knowledge. If you are considering a visit, perhaps with your family, then there are a few things you should consider. Dar al-Mustafa is one of the famous Islamic seminaries and the growing student community in Tarim, in addition to the families that reside here, would like to ensure your visit is a fruitful one.

We hope the information contained here will assist you in ensuring a more productive time during your stay in Tarim. Ensure you browse the Orientation Kit to become more acquainted with what to expect and how to plan your time whilst in Tarim. Allah willing, this website should serve as an entry point for those intending on visiting Tarim, and a resource for those that are already here.

The content has been collated by the members of the Welcoming Committee for English Speaking Students and Families within Dar al-Mustafa, Tarim. The committee is comprised of representatives from various countries, including but not limited to Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, and South Africa.

Feel free to contact us if you require further assistance regarding your visit to Tarim.