Applications for Dar al-Mustafa 2016 / 1437

Applications for Dar al-Mustafa are now open for this study year (1437-8 / 2016-17).

The closing date for applications is 1st Sha’ban 1437  / 8th May 2016

To apply please fill in this online form. For the English form go to the top right and choose English instead of Arabic.

Those who wish to apply for Dar al-Zahra should write to this email address.

May Allah bless all those applying with tawfiq.


If your wife and/or daughter wish to study in Dar al-Zahra there is no need for them to contact Dar al-Zahra separately or to fill in a separate form. Rather you should mention on your application form that they will be accompanying you. They can then register with Dar al-Zahra upon arrival.


  • Study Visa 150 USD
  • Residence permit fee (for non-Yemeni citizens): 85 USD
  • Residence permit renewal fee: 45 USD annually.
  • Meals in Dar al-Mustafa: 280 USD annually
  • There are no study fees in the Qur’an Memorisation Faculty, Islamic Studies Faculty and Short Term Studies Faculty
  • Study fees for the Beginners Arabic Programme: 550 USD for one year of study.
  • Fees for the Advanced Arabic Programme: 300 USD for 6 months of study
  • A return travel ticket deposit will be taken from students on arrival and returned at the time of departure. The amount differs according to the student’s country of origin:
  • Arab countries: 300 USD
  • East Africa: 500 USD
  • West and South Africa: 600 USD
  • South East Asia: 550 USD
  • Central Asia: 500 USD
  • China: 700 USD
  • Europe: 500 USD
  • North and South America: 700 USD
  • Australia: 700USD