Applications for Dar al-Mustafa 2015 / 1436


Business as Usual

With regard to the recent unrest in Yemen and the situation in Tarim, Habib Umar has provided the following clarification. Click here to read the full text. If you are considering studying in Dar al-Mustafa, it is important you read this.

Applications are now open for anyone wishing to study in Dar al-Mustafa this year. If you are a single male student planning to enrol in Dar al-Mustafa or are coming with your family, then please make your application by clicking here.

This includes those who wish to enrol in the Dar’s Arabic Program.

For single female students, applications for Dar al-Zahra are set to open on 1st April 2015 inshā` Allāh. Please write to to request an application form.

The closing date for applications is 16 May 2015.

A decision will be made regarding your application by 20 May 2015.

We ask Allah to bless all those wishing to apply with tawfīq.