Specific Guidelines

Guidelines for Students and Families residing in Tarim

Following a gathering on the mountain on 27th Rabi al-Thani 1429 Habib Umar (may Allah preserve him) wrote the following points for the community living outside of Dar al-Mustafa upon which to base a program of study for us and our families:

  1. Every individual entering this community must do so for a purpose directly connected to the three principles of Dar al-Mustafa (knowledge, purification of the heart and da’wa). His purpose for being here must be directly connected to him, his wife, his children or all of them together. He should then arrange a program to achieve his purpose.
  2. Children who have reached school must have a program of study of the deen which can be supplemented by the official school curriculum. They must not mix with local children except those who have good character and good deen.
  3. Men and older boys must at least attend the five prayers in congregation either in Musalla Ahl al-Kisa (Dar al-Mustafa) or in the nearest mosque. They must attend the Mawlid on Thursday night, the gathering on Monday night in Tarim (Jalsat al-Ithnayn), and Habib Umar’s lesson in Ihya Ulum al-Deen on Wednesday night. Anyone who does not have a lesson or an engagement connected to the purpose for which he came should attend the daily Rowha at Asr in Dar al-Mustafa. They should attend the general gatherings and lessons in Tarim at least once a month.
  4. Women and older girls must at least attend the lesson after Asr on Friday in Dar al-Zahra and the gathering after Asr in Dar al-Faqih in Tarim on Sunday (for married women only). They must strive to listen to the Mawlid, the Monday night gathering and the Rowha on the radio.