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Education (2)

When does the Academic year commence?

For both Dar al-Mustafa and Dar al-Zahra, the Academic year is based on the Islamic Hijri calendar. The new study year commences on the 10th of Shawwal and ends on the 20th of Sha’ban.

I am not fluent in Arabic. Can I enroll in Dar al-Mustafa / Dar al-Zahra?

There is a beginner’s Arabic stream within both institutes. Those with no fluency in Arabic would be required to apply for these courses. As for the rest of the Islamic Studies courses, reading and writing Arabic is a prerequisite.

Women (1)

I would like to pursue Islamic studies in Tarim. What does Dar al-Zahra offer for women? What is the minimum age for a student to be accepted?

More information regarding study opportunities for women will be provided soon. Visit this page again.



2 thoughts on “FAQ’s”

  1. Salams. I am a widow aged 54years & wish to study Arabic from beginners level so that I can read the Quran & understand it insha’Allah.
    I would like to learn about the sirah & various other texts to increase my knowledge of Islam from classical & traditional scholars with from the chain of transmission scholars of knowledge.
    Is it at all possible for me to learn &
    Possibly live with a majority female household so as to aid my learning insha’Allah.

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